Are You Wondering How to Make Bread In A Bread Maker?

The revolutionary, portable bread maker is truly a wonder especially for those who love the crackling sound of freshly baked bread’s crust or who are enraptured by the fragrance that comes from a gourmet bakery. If you are also one who harbours such interests or pleasures, then surely you too must have been excited to hear about the availability of such a contraption.

So let’s say you bought one of those (we are all aware of how many brands have introduced their own versions in the mainstream) and now you are wondering how to make bread in a bread maker. Worry not;

Here we are going to provide a step by step assistance so you can learn how to make bread in a bread maker in no time.

  • This step of learning is pretty simple; yet crucial nonetheless – you must familiarize yourself with the bread maker if you wish your experiments to be successful. The best way of doing that is by going through the manual that is provided with the machinery; (don’t worry you don’t have to go through the whole manual – that is why we are here) this will at least give you the knowledge of the function of each of the buttons on its control panel. With so many varieties present in the market, you cannot assume a general stance about the various buttons present on the control panel.
  • The next thing that you must ascertain is the size of the bucket which is contained within the bread maker. If you wish to learn how to make bread in a bread maker the professional and correct way then this step is very essential. The tub size also varies amongst the different brands.

    As a general rule, if the tub can hold 10 cups of water then it can bake 1 ½ pound loaf of bread and similarly one that holds lesser amount will only be able to bake a 1 pound loaf. A tub that could hold up to 12 cups of water can bake a loaf weight 2 or more pounds. Once you are clear with its size, then you can try out the appropriate recipes.

  • You must remember that every time you plug in your machinery, it will go back to default setting; for example if there is an option of browning the crust upon your specification, you will need to alter it before you start off baking something the next day. The default setting is usually adjusted to medium.
  • If you have a tried and trusted recipe by your side then start putting in the ingredients. In order to learn how to make bread in a bread maker perfectly, you must follow the recipe for the bread maker to the letter. And this includes following the order of the ingredients that have to be added.
  • Last, but not the least, if you wish to learn how to make bread in a bread maker then understand the different cycles on the machine. The various cycles for white, brown or whole wheat bread are timed differently. To get a perfect loaf of bread, choose the right recipe and the right cycle.

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