A Simple and Yummy! Homemade Bread Machine Pizza Dough Recipe

Having your own bread machine at home can really do more than just bread. In fact, with this single kitchen tool, you can now create the perfect pan pizza that the entire family can enjoy.

Making your own pizza is not just going to be fun, but is also exciting, because you are not limited to the ingredients that you want to use. But of course, a good pizza starts with the perfect dough.

To help you create the perfect dough for your homemade pan pizza, here is a very simple bread machine pizza dough recipe that you can try.

Take note, this pizza dough is done using the same machine that you use for making bread, so if this is your first time making a pizza dough, there is no reason for you to worry, because everything will be as simple as ABC!

The perfect Pizza Dough Recipe for bread machine is below :

bread machine pizza dough recipe

  • 3 ½ cups flour
  • 1 T sugar
  • ½ t salt
  • 1 ¼ cups of water
  • 2 T olive oil
  • 2 ¼ t of yeast


  • Make sure that your bread machine is set to mixing dough. Pour in your ingredients all together, but leave the yeast. The yeast goes last. Once your ingredients are combined inside the bread machine, create a well in the middle, and pour in your yeast.
  • Start the bread machine, and let it start kneading the dough. If you see that the dough lacks moisture, you can add 1 T of water at a time. Do not overdo it though, because too much moisture will just ruin the consistency that you need for the dough.
  • When the dough is not sticking on the bread machine’s surface anymore, then this is when you can stop the machine, and pull the dough out. Place the dough in a greased bowl, cover it with a cling wrap, and wait for a few minutes, for it to rise and double its size.
  • Once the dough has already doubled in size, remove the cling wrap, and knead lightly. Let it rest for about 10 more minutes, and voila! Your pizza dough is ready!
  • You can now start rolling your pizza dough on a flat pan, and prepare the rest of the ingredients like the sauce, toppings, herbs and cheese, of your choice. You can be very inventive and adventurous if you like. This is the kind of enjoyment that you get, from making your very own pizza at home.

That is how easy it is to create pizza dough in a bread maker. It is definitely fun and satisfying. Nothing really beats homemade pizza, because you can play around with the ingredients that you like, and create a perfectly unique pizza that you cannot get elsewhere.

The bread machine pizza dough recipe that I showed you above is just one example. You can keep on exploring the internet for more variations, so you will not get bored with the same thing.

Bread machines are truly amazing. With one single equipment, you can already create numerous dishes to serve your family and friends.

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